Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sketchup with your REVIT ?

Sketchup is awesome and now it talks to REVIT ! Well now that you can import SketchUp into REVIT, it's got my attention ! I downloaded SketchUp for free, installed it, watched the video tutorials, created my first cool building and then imported / linked it into REVIT easily in under 40 minutes. Talk about slick. I then proceeded to play with sketchup and the wheels started turning.... . . . I am not sure as to the limitations but I sure can see some huge potential on linking in various SKP models for really easy massing. The SKP files also appear to be small which has it's advantages. I downloaded the free version. There is also the Pro version. The free version is Beta but I encountered no problems so far. Here is a 10 minute Video Tutorial on what I learned. Click the link above or right click the link and 'Saves Target As.." to download.
I have since created a new blog SKETCHUP ROCKS ! SketchUp with a REVIT Twist.

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