Friday, May 18, 2007

REVIT Dependent Views - Elevation Application

Thanks to for posting this CADclip on their site.

All the REVIT 2008 products can take advantage of the new 'dependent view' tools.

Esentially, you can cut up a primary view into other smaller views while still keeping the connectivity. The smaller, dependant views are organized below the primary view n the Project Browser for convenient access.

The image above say's it all !

Below is a great CADclip link explaining how to use the new 'dependent view' in an elevational aspect.

(click the link above to play the CADclip or right click and "save target as..." to download)

More info here > for Dependent Views and hiding objects

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Daryl Gregoire said...

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I have started to post Videos on You Tube. Search for 'CADclip'.

Every Monday I send the same stupid reply message to Google after they send me the same stupid automated apology on behalf of the Google Robots for locking down my blog. It's been 9 weeks since REVIT ROCKS has been locked down wothout warning.

I will get back into blogging as I own anyway but with a different 'non-free' provider that is FOR SURE.

In the mean time if anyone is reading this I have started to post Videos on You Tube. Search for 'CADclip'.

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