Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My blog is unlocked after 5 months of lockdown.

Well it took just under 5 months to unlock my blog. Wow ! Thanks google. . . not. I had to send an email to google religiously every week for 19 weeks or this blog would have been erased for ever ! I was getting really tired of seeing that Pantheon posting. Ok well, I guess I can get back on track with more REVIT educational information. Stay tuned.


willsud said...

I wondered about this - missed your blog.

really glad to hear you are back online!


Daryl Gregoire said...

What ever you do DO NOT count on a Google run Blog to be permanent. They can, and have have full control to delete your blog at any time without prior notification or valid reason to do so. One day it's locked down, the next day. . . it's gone forever.