Friday, June 26, 2009

REVIT Ribbon makes my neck hurt

Ok, I have clearly indicated my interest to keep everyone on the same, most current platform of REVIT. That has not changed but OMG the new ribbon 'by design' is NOT geared towards REVIT. The new ribbon by concept just doesn't apply to this type of CAD application.
Seriously, I think the Autodesk developers need to sit down beside a seasoned REVIT user with the old interface and take a lesson on speed and flow. Once you got going with REVIT it really was like music but all the keys need to be in the same place. Now it's like trying to play the piano and all the keys keep moving. Or dare I say 'Whack a Mole'.
Take the copy/ paste buttons for example. If you can manage to stop clicking the regular copy button by mistake (or visa-versa) good luck trying to track those buttons down as they move around like a couple mice on benny's.
I'm not even sure this can be fixed because to do so would be to abandon the ribbon and that's just not going to happen. Right ?
It just goes to show. No matter how many people you have working for you and no matter how much money you have and how large your market share is you can still somehow manage to totally screw up what was already a good thing.
It boggles the mind.
The Ribbon is fine. It's the 'dynamic' part that has to go. How about a more 'static' ribbon?


Griff said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I have tried to use the new ribbon the way it is and it drives me nuts. I spend more time trying to find commands than I do building construction drawings.
I remember a few years ago how frustrated I was with how difficult ADT got to be. I was ready to change carriers. I went to AU and took a few Revit Classes and I was hooked. Drawing was finally fun. Now Autodesk is stating to screw up Revit so it isn't as easy or fun to use anymore.


They really screwed up Revit this time! The dynamic ribbon is just not user intuitive. I'm going crazy searching for my commands!

Daryl Gregoire said...

This could be the case of REVIT finally being integrated with Autodesk. Up to now I think REVIT was put together by the original REVIT team but now Autodesk has their hands all over it and the slide downhill begins !

Like I said it doesn't matter how much money a company has or how big the company is, a total screw up like this can still happen.

The fact that all the buttons are constantly dancing around is abosolutely rediculious.

Mitsunobu said...

That's why I rely on keyboard shortcuts for a lot of things, such as
ILA - insert cad link
IR - insert revit link
IA - insert cad file
IW - insert dwf markup
ML - manage links
IV - insert 2d views from file
QS - IDs of Selection
QI - Select by ID
GW - Grey Inactive Worksets
WW - Close Hidden Windows
FC - Family Category & Parameters
FT - Family Type Parameters
VS - Paste Same Place
DS - Measure
QQ - Variation on Context Properties

just to name a few of the custom ones, but FG, EG, AG, TX, TG, DL etc are also good ones to use. Plus if you use a tablet and use gesture macros with stroke-it or tablet-pc, you can program a lot into making the ribbon useful only when necessary.