Friday, December 04, 2009

REVIT Building Maker Magic

A big frosty Canadian 'Thanks' to my hard working friends at the
For up to date Autodesk information and seasoned support staff these guys are TOPS !
In the CADclip below I demonstarte the Magic of combining Parametric Massing Families with the awesome Building Maker Tools. This is precisely what Carl Bass pointed out in his keynote speech at AU 2009.
Apply some material takeoffs and / or schedules and what used to take a huge amount of time, manpower, energy (and error checking) becomes 100% accurate and INSTANT !
Remember that REVIT stands for 'Revise Instantly' and that's exactly what this CADclip demonstates.
You call it REVIT . . . . I call it MAGIC !
If you are still using vector based CAD instead of BIM (Building Information Modeling) do yourself a BIG favour. Grab a magic wand and follow me to Hogwarts School of REVIT Wizardry !

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