Thursday, February 18, 2010

Add Sheet Counter to REVIT Title Block

REVIT does not come installed with a title block family parameter that displays how many sheets are in a sheet set. In fact REVIT doesn't have sheet sets.
Some people prefer to display the total number of sheets in a set as the '15' displays above.
In the 3 CADclips below you are first introduce to the completed title block family in a project then we start from scratch and show you how to build it yourself.
1. Create a Shared Parameter named 'Number of Sheets'.
2. Use this Shared Parameter in the Title Block rfa family file.
3. Load the title block family into a project.
4. Create a local Project Parameter of Category 'Project Information' pointing to the same Shared Parameter.
5. Set the 'Number of Sheets' value manually in the Project Information dialog box or the field in the title block and witness the change to all sheets.



Predrag said...

Part 1 and 2 are the same!?! (Again?)

Predrag Cheperkovich
Belgrade, Serbia

Predrag said...

Parts 1 and 2 are the same part! (Again?)

Predrag Cheperkovich
Belgrade, Serbia

Mark said...

Hey there, I need to get part B of editing the label correctly. So far so good!

e said...

Maybe you can help me on an other Revit title block issue...

I am just learning this last month and attempting to print out my sheets now.

The problem is I keep seeing borders show up in my printouts which I do not want.

How can I control these?

Apparently, I did something right since only the top and right ones are showing up but I cannot remember how I affected that change.

Thanks so much,

Eric Bono

Los Angeles, California, U.S.

bzsi said...

Hi All,
I think I have a much more interactive solution.

1. create a Sheet List (View ribbon/ Create tab / Schedules ˇ Sheet List)
2. add a unique field, like Sheet Number on Fields tab
3. on Sorting/Grouping tab switch on Grand Totals with "Counts and totals" option and turn off "Itemize every instance"
4. on Appearance tab untick all borders, titles and headers
5. place the schedule on all your sheets
6. if you need different sheet sets with different sums, just duplicate the list and use Filters in them

Not an elegant way, but it shuts out mistakes...
That's all Folks ;)