Sunday, April 25, 2010

CADclip on REVIT 2011 Keyboard Shortcuts

The CADclip below demonstrates how to use the new REVIT 2011 Keyboard Shortcuts Interface.

Looks like they finally caught up to the AutoCAD interface . . . oops did I say that out loud. . . (you have always been able to edit the keyboardshortcuts.txt file . . .right)


JimAlifSiin said...

..only that, Autocad, you can edit the acad.pgp file just with a NotePad.. Revit, you have to installed MicroSoft Excel, then only you can edit the Shortcuts.

Daryl Gregoire said...

AutoCAD has had a built in pgp editor for many years. It used to be an express tool and now it's just built in.

Revit has alway used the keyboardshortcuts.txt and you could edit it with what ever opens a txt file.

REVIT 2011 there is a built in editor and it has nothing to do with Microsoft Excel because I do not have Excel installed on my REVIT PC.