Saturday, September 24, 2011

REVIT Copy and Paste Razzle Dazzle Video

In REVIT, using Copy and Paste from Level to Level is such a powerful tool. Over time it simply becomes the norm to all of us regular REVIT users. To loose that ability at this point would be devistating. I'd have to change trades.
For those who are not in the 'know', you can instantly copy many objects from one level (or area) of a building to other levels or areas.

This is available with model elements as well as annotation elements.

Everytime I show someone how you can create an entire multi storey building and have all the schedules etc.  update instantly it brings a smile to the room. All in under10 seconds !

Below I extend that 10 seconds to a 6 minute CADclip and add my 2 cents along the way.

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