Thursday, March 29, 2012

13 New REVIT 2013 Features

Here's a link to the Latest and Greatest in REVIT 2013 >

I had wishful thinking that Autodesk may scrap the Project Browser as it is and allow us to create custom access to what is managed thru the Project Browser. (Palettes) However my hopes once again are shattered.

Some of favorite features are:

1. The ability to search the Project Browser for content. Yes, thank you, that helps . . . a little bit but no cigar.

2. The Design Suite is now delivering Architecture, Structure and MEP in a single interface all under one application. Yeah !

3. Real time updating from View templates to the actual view. Most would wonder why it didn't do this already as that would be the intension.

4. Dimension enhancements.

5. Double click a Family to open it for editing. I think I've been doing this instinctively for ever so no adaptation will be required here.

6. REVIT Server enhancements to allow storage of a central model on multiple servers.

7. Parts and Assemblies have improved but I haven't tested the waters.

8. Double click the wheel button to Zoom All to Fit.

9. Stair and Railing Improvements look promising but from what I have read it's not 'Complete'. . . . what  . . . . Autodesk releasing a half baked feature  . . . . could this be true !

10. MEP allows centerlines of rounder elements. WE'VE BEEN WAITING : )

11. MEP includes Site Tools. Thank you.

12. Save your selection sets. Yes, great feature and HUGE time saver.

13. Structure has some nice REBAR and Reinforcing improvements that will be well accepted.

More stuff to follow as time rolls on . . .

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