Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Retrieve Technologies Illegally Distributes CADclips Material

REVIT Related Legal News Flash:

Retrieve Technologies, owned and run by Dave Arnold in Henniker NH , has been Illegally selling copy written CADclips Training videos for over 3 years.

This is direct and blatant Copyright Infringement and subject to all legally binding regulations.

"I know this because I have direct evidence. I Daryl Gregoire, am the creator and owner of all 'CADclips' training material and I now have a seperate independant Corporate vOffice account (from my day job) that has my own personally created CADclips material on the vOffice shelf.

We, CADclips have made several attempts to contact Retrieve and they have chossen to ignored us and continue to sell our copyright material.

If you, your company or corporation has CADclips videos on the shelves of their vOffice, rGuide or vBooks it is 'Illegally Distributed' material and has been for 3 years.

CADclips has never been compensated for any Retrieve Technology sales.
Not a dime.

Retrieve is in direct competition with CADclips, sells CADclips material on their site and does not compensate CADclips ??

Hello Dave and Oscar, what you are doing is "Illegal" and your attempts to ignore us is about to take a change in direction.

Both Legal and Social actions are being rigorously persued by CADclips to resolve these matters.

If you, your company or corporation currently has CADclips material in your vOffice
be prepared to have it removed from your account.

We attempted a working relationship with Retrieve Technologies over 3 years ago. It didn't work out. We parted on good terms. They were told to remove all of our material. They never did remove it and have been selling it for over 3 years at a Corporate Enterprise wide level. They have NEVER paid us a single solitary dime. How much do you think they owe us ??


If you or your company has CADclips videos on the shelves of their vOffice, rGuide or vBooks it is 'Illegally Distributed' material.

I am the owner and creator of that material.

During the day I work for a very large Architectural / Engineering corporation. When I went to the corporate Training vOffice site (owned by Retrieve Technologies) I noticed all of my own personal Training Videos sitting there ?

See Image Below.
(just one screen capture . . . . there are many more) 

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