Friday, August 10, 2012

Landcadd and Siteworks for REVIT


REVIT with real curbs, roads, sidewalks and retaining walls !
Can you see the smile on my face : ))

I am quite excited to start learning Eagle Point's
Landcadd and Siteworks "FOR REVIT".

These two very established software products have been available to AutoCAD as 3rd party applications for many years. Tried, True and Tested.

Stay tuned for some great tips on Landcadd and Siteworks for REVIT.

We all know that REVIT sucks at adding in the surrounding landscape elements, curbs, sidewalks, roads, retaining walls, cut & fill and grading. Anything outside the building for that matter.

Stand up and say "HALLELUJAH" to these great new REVIT add-ons. But they are not new products at all, they are old products now being made for REVIT.

After installation you will see two new tabs on the ribbon with Landcadd and Siteworks Labels.

. . . . and . . . . . . awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. . . . . . we go !

Nothing like fresh REVIT add ons, especially from a company like Eagle Point, to make my day : )

Combine this with REVIT 2013 (code named One Box) and you've got some serious power at your fingertips.

Oh and last but not least you can import and export the data via LandXML format for our Civil 3D friends !

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