Sunday, April 13, 2014

REVIT 2015 Sketchy Lines Rock

Sketchy Lines are simple, cool, fun and REVIT will never be the same !

In summary it works globally by view or view template by jittering the linework and adding end extensions. If you have lots of detail there will be lots of jittering. The jittering line weights are controlled by the object style and / or element / category overrides. This will make or break any blotchiness.

Object style, detail level, visual style and scale factor still do what they normally do.

From what I see the jittering should be dialed up in 3d views, mid way for elevations and dialed down for floor plans.

The jittering also leaves gaps that can be closed by dialing up the jittering.

It even jitters imported CAD files.

Here's a few images and a quick video tutorial.

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