Saturday, August 18, 2007

RAC 2008 Color Schemes Demo

Thanks to for posting this CADclip on their site.

I have to say, I never quite got on the band wagon for the 'Color Fill Schemes' features of REVIT......until now that is.

This is clearly a 'value add' service I now provide. It's so easy it will make your head spin.

It's 'all about' the 'Room' objects. Data in = Data out.

Listen closely can assign a Color Scheme as a property to the view. SO...Duplicate a view......assign a Color Scheme...bla...bla...bla.

Once you place the room objects (which get created in a single click) you can provide the room information. ie: Room Name, Number, Floor Finish, Base Finish, Ceiling finish, Wall Finish, Department, Occupant. Then that's it......the work is all done.

'Areas' are automatically calculated as you would expect and readily available. You can also use 'room seperators' where walls are not present but rooms change information.

The Color Schemes take over from there and they automatically assign the colors. Then you can re-assign any color you choose.

How would you like it colored up?
By department? By room name? By a set of user created area ranges? It's all up to you.

You can even add new system parameters to rooms through 'project parameters' to add in a field that does not come with the out of the box 'room' object.

Perhaps you want to sort / color a plan by 'lighting type' or 'heating source' or 'type of carpet' 'type of tile' anything you want.

Below is a link to a great video CADclip demonstrating these great Color Fill Schemes features.
(click the link above to play the CADclip or right click and "save target as..." to download)

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