Monday, January 14, 2008

CADclip - REVIT 2008 Color Fill Schemes Theory

The image above (click for larger view) depicts the suggested steps involved in understanding how REVIT Color Fill Schemes and Legends work.

Play the video below for a very informative 10 minute REVIT 2008 MEP CADclip video tutorial on the 'Theory' behind using Color Fill Schemes.

Although REVIT MEP is being utilized in this video tutorial, this same 'theory' can also be applied to both REVIT Structure or REVIT Architecture.


cadalot said...

These tutorials are great thats why I bought a subscription to your other site CADclips but at this small size they are just no good for the visually challanged

As you are making these public domain you should include a download facility so they can be run full size as your other CAD clips are

Daryl Gregoire said...

Thanks for the comments. Publishing to a blog and publishing to a web site are two different processes. It's all there now + ton more. GO GET IT !

Daryl Gregoire said...

A message to the Google humans and the Google Robots > Unlock my blog !

Every Monday I send the same stupid reply message to Google after they send me the same stupid automated apology on behalf of the Google Robots for locking down my blog. It's been 9 weeks since REVIT ROCKS has been locked down wothout warning.

I will get back into blogging as I own anyway but with a different 'non-free' provider that is FOR SURE.

In the mean time if anyone is reading this I have started to post Videos on You Tube. Search for 'CADclip'

Google Blogger sucks !

Anonymous said...
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