Wednesday, April 15, 2009

REVIT Family Tip for Mirroring

Using the 'mirror' tool (or even copy tool) in the family editor can cause unexpected results. This can be a real boobie-trap because you may never realize that it was that original 'mirror' you did way back when that is causing the problem. As a novice you may simply give up and never figure out what is causing the problem. So here is the tip. * As a beginner using the family editor, avoid using the mirror (or copy) tool if you can or at least be aware of what it does. You are actually safer to draw all of the objects one at a time including sketch lines. Plus. . . .you need practice. Be aware that when you mirror a solid or void the 'work plane' of the original object is maintained on the new object. Better off to draw a new object. Seriously. When you mirror a solid or void that has constraints, the constraints may have to be recreated on the new object. Try not to mirror sketch lines at all. Sketch lines can be nicely tied to reference lines (even without a constraint) but a mirrored sketch line will behave differently than a newly created sketch line with regards to nearby reference planes. Draw new objects.
I am not saying you cannot accomplish what you want with the mirror (or copy) tool but I am saying that mirrored (and copied) objects do NOT behave the same as a newly created objects. Do yourself a favour and create the objects one at a time and you will find the road a little less bumpy.
When you're ready to do a little 4x4'ing then you can head for the outback but I always end up looking for that smooth road again.

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