Thursday, April 09, 2009

REVIT Structure 2010 New Features and Images

Well REVIT Structure and Architecture should be flying off the shelves starting April 16th.
Below are a few items of interest on the new RST 2010 software.
For integrated RST output it seems it's all about the 'Extensions'. This is not new news to existing RST users.
Extensions are only available to subscription users but I think most REVIT users are on subscription anyway.
Extension are for the most part, 3rd add-ons or APIs.
REVIT has had an Extension Manager for a while now below is what it looks like now.
Below is the 'Beam to Column connection' Extension.
It allows you to configure the geometry involved, plates, brackets, bolts, stiffeners and welds . . . . and it allows you to save it as a 'Family' for future use. This is only avalable to Beam /Column connections. No current Beam to Beam connections allowed with this tool. COOL !
There is also a much anticipated 'Bridge' extension.
This extension allows you to configure the bridge profile, deck, abutments, piers and railings.
Below we see what can be created within seconds with the Create Form, Divide Surface and Triangle Surface Pattern tools. REVIT's 'Create Form' tool in general is a completely independant and entirely new set of super-duper amazing tools. See image below. ---------------------------- Then of course there is the much talked about 'Ribbon. The Ribbon interface has arrived with REVIT and unlike in AutoCAD there is no 'Classic' display option to go back to the old interface. So get used to it ! If you are familiar with the latest MS Office interface you should recognize the format as it appears Microsoft is driving this change in design. The Ribbon is context sensative so during a command sequence it's constantly adapting and replaces the old 'Options Bar'. The Ribbon is customizable and you can also add your own hand picked commands to the 'Quick Access' bar. This handi toolbar behaves much like the Microsoft 'Quick Launch' toolbars on the task bar. Right click a tool and click 'Add to Quick Access toolbar' and the tool will be added and waiting just like on a . . . . . . . drum roll . . . . . Palette ! ---------------------------- That's all for now, stay tuned for lots more exciting videos and tutorials here at REVIT Rocks !

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