Wednesday, July 08, 2009

REVIT and US Bill HR 2454

My friends at the CADD Centers of Florida (above) have brought to my attention some extremely interesting information. Being up here in the great white north I was completely unaware of this bill and the impact of it's implimentation across the land.
What this means is all new US buildings are going to have to meet specific energy efficiency requirements. This is where the REVIT suite of products are going to come shining through.
The field is developing so the sooner you learn REVIT and the BIM (building information modeling) it brings to the table the better off you are going to be ! (after we get over this wee ribbon problem that is)
Lines, polylines, ACA walls and the dredded 'Project Navigator' are not going to make the cut.
For more trusted information on REVIT and BIM you can contact Greg at the CADD Centers Of Florida at 1-800-222-4889 ext 127 or email
Here is Greg's blog post HR 2454

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Gregory Arkin said...

I'm a little late in finding this now, but just wanted to thank you for the post.

I'm surprised that so few people have noticed or written about the bill. We're still waiting for the Senate's version....something about a health care bill is distracting them.

Hope to see you at AU.