Friday, July 31, 2009

REVIT Architecture 2010 Scheduling Door Swings

Below is a video tutorial on how to schedule the door 'swing' in a door schedule. This is not fool proof but a very usable workaround as the software does not provide a means to do so.
First we have to make a 'shared parameter' called 'swing'.

Then we add that shared parameter to the door family.

Load the family into a project.

Then we have to 'manually' apply the swing LH or RH to he door instances.

Create a schedule from the View tab of the ribbon.

Select the 'door' category.

Add in the new 'swing' parameter.

Bob's your uncle !
t would be nice if when you use the 'flip' control of the door it automatically applies the swing but it does NOT, so due dilligence is required on behalf of the user to check that all doors actually have the correct 'swing' applied.

Update: I have since been informed that my RH, LH designations are incorrect in the video. So I suggest you use your own expertise for the RH, RHR, LH and LHR designations.

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Anonymous said...

Great tip, but such practice is still rather vulnerable to human error. If you want it secure, it looks like API is the only way to go, at least in Revit 2010. Alternatively, google reviTTools to find a solution. It costs though but this is a real issue.
At reviTTools they've somehow discovered a way to peek at the door and windows' flip flag and make the data available for tagging and scheduling.
It's remarkable how Autodesk has ignored such core functionality. In many countries industry standards require this data. Solving this inside Revit alone could make Revit more attractive in for example in northern Europe, where ArchiCAD is still ruling the intelligent architect's cad market and the rest are still struggling with ACA.