Wednesday, June 30, 2010

REVIT - All in a Days work

I was given a set of architectural constraints and asked to 'design a cottage'.
Although I am fairly certain I will not win any design awards, above illustrates what can be created from scratch, delivered to the customer (across the country) and posted to your blog in only a few hours.
We've come a long way baby !
The Design Constraints included:
Building Height (measure from underside of main floor joist).
Floor to floor height
Square footage limits for main and loft
Front Facade
Roof Pitch
Deck sizes

2 comments: said...

My Friend used revit for create Home structure; its great worked and easy to use like CAD.

We have also create 3d modeling design in Revit. Its a really great worked. I have highly recommended to all use revit for improved design skills. said...

You have doing great work with Ravitt... Its a better than Auto CAD...

All the best... Thanks for this Sharing....