Friday, May 16, 2014

Tips on Placing REVIT Rebar and Stirrups

Placing Rebar in a concrete column in plan view can be a quite a frustrating experience. . . . that is until you read read post.

We get the 'stop sign' symbol (seen below) on our cursor when the rebar cannot be placed and it can be a real pain in the butt.

A few tips on Placing Rebar

1. Know when to use parallel vs perpendicular. In a plan view, column Stirrups would be parallel and the continuous bars are perpendicular. Same thing goes for a section view of a beam.

2. Make sure your current 'workplane' is in fact cutting the column (beam etc). When you click to open the view 'Level 1' REVIT sets the workplane to > level 1 which may be the base of the column but is not actually 'cutting the column'. (see image below) This is the no. 1 issue. You need to raise the 'workplane' to at least 'cut' the column. This means creating a reference plane, naming it and making that your current work plane.

3. Don't get your viewing 'cut plane' mixed up with what is your current work plane although the two work together.

4. You should be looking towards the current workplane and the workplane should be within your view range.

5. Here's a good one. If the cut plane is in fact cutting the column but it is above your view direction it will let you place the stirrup BUT you won't be able to see it. Then we usually proceed to add 3-4 more stirrups to convince ourselves because at least the stop sign is gone and it appears to be placing the rebar only to discover a little pile rogue stirrups later on, probably in a 3d view.

6. Make sure the rebar size you have specified is not too big to make the correct bends. Trying with a smaller bar size can sometimes show better results. Always worth trying just to eliminate that as a possible problem.

We see more problems with plan views than section views because in a section view REVIT naturally makes your section line also the workplane but in a plan view it does not make your workplane at your cutplane it moves your workplane to a level !!

See images below.

The Dreaded Stop Sign.
Either your workplane is NOT cutting the column or the rebar size is too big to make the bends. 


It works ! 
(oh what a feeling when you finally see that rebar)
Make the current 'Workplane' the new reference plane (named Rebar)which is cutting the column and it works !

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