Thursday, May 11, 2006

The future of REVIT Training has arrived - Thank you !

C A D I L O T - CAD Inegrated Live Online Training ( coming soon ! New Online 'Fully Interactive' REVIT Training now Available. The future is here and we are ON IT ! That's right, sit back at your desk, in board room, in a coffee shop, on a boat, in a hotel, in a park or on a bus for that matter and watch how it's done . > LIVE and FULLY Interactive ! One on One training or in a Group. Ask questions and get your answers right then and there. We can record the session so no need to panic. How about scheduling the sessions to suit your availability. Through the magic of CITRIX thin client technology anyone in the meeting can be given control of the mouse and control of the SOFTWARE. This means we can pass the mouse back and forth ! I think the future is here and it's awesome. DG CAD is all setup to provide you with live 'Online Conference Style' training. It's instant, it's easy, it's fully interactive and it's very effective ! We do this in the same way people have been doing live conference meetings for some time now but with better technology and faster internet. We are setup through and it's so simple it's funny. You instantly see our screen on your screen and we talk over the speaker phones. Then if you want the mouse control can you have it ! Email us to setup your training sessions ! >

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