Sunday, May 07, 2006

'Level Name' vs 'View Name' vs 'Title on Sheet' vs 'Sheet Name'

Thanks to CADDIGEST for posting this tutorial ! Here's something useful that we all need to know about getting the right names and titles from your levels to your sheets. Most of us start by creating Levels, naming them and making a Plan View of that level. No problem. Then we accept the level name as the view name. Again no problem. This works just fine for me because I like my plan views to be representative of the associiated level it is on. However when we place this view on a sheet we may want a less technical or more friendly name. So what we can then do is change the properties of the view and set the 'Title on Sheet' to be different. For axample we have a level named T/FTG and the plan view is named T/FTG which is ok but when we place this on a sheet we want the title bubble to say Foundation Plan. See below the view properties dialog box and resulting title bubble when placed on a sheet. Right click on the view in the project browser to get to the view properties. The Sheet name is simply applied to the properties of the Sheet itself. You can right click a Sheet name in the 'project browser' and 'rename' it or you can go into the 'properties' and set it there. So in summary we have the following property variables: 1. The Level Name property ie: Top of Joist 2. The View Name property ie: Top of Joist or Main Floor 3. The view Title on Sheet property ie: Existing Main Floor Plan 4. The Sheet Name property ie: First and Second Floor Plans

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