Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Jogged Section Lines

Thanks to CADDIGEST for posting this tutorial !

Most of us use the REVIT section marks all the time. I use them constantly for design purposes as well as for the final construction drawings

We are usually satisfied to use a straight line segment for the section line. But you can 'Jog' or offset a section line.
Sometimes a Jogged Section line comes in very handi. The way you Jog a section line / mark in REVIT is not really obvious.

Start the Section tool and click the two end points of a single straight segment.

Then click on the section line and note the Split Segment button on the options bar at the top.
Click the Split Segment button. Then click the section line once where you want the break to occur. Then click again to drag the displacement. 

Slide your mouse around during this process to get the feel for it.

Click the Section Line again and drag to add a second Jog.

* Also note the new blue triangular grips to control the newly created Jogged segments.

That's is ! Have fun.

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