Monday, March 05, 2007

REVIT Structure - Sloped Flat Roof System

Thanks to for posting this CADclips on their site.

View the Video CADclip link below
click the link above to play or right click and 'save target as' to download.
Ok, I've started digging back into REVIT Structure and from the words of an old structural drafter 'I am very very impressed'. I love this stuff !

I had the opportunity to use REVIT Structure in the past but then I had to drop it due to other workloads.
The first thing that I wanted to model, (and what most structural engineers want to see) is some of that cool 3D stuff that the architects have been creating.

What better subject material to test the application with than a Sloped Flat Roof Model.
As you can see from these images of the model I created in 10 minutes,
it's too easy.
Then in true REVIT fashion, once you create the model, it is fully parametric. So if you move a grid line the entire model updates and all the slopes adjust. Then of course you have 'UNLIMITED' parametric views and sections that you can extract from the model.

Then it just becomes fun.

The interesting thing is, this is available in
REVIT Building / Architecture
as well as REVIT Structure.

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KSI_THOR said...

Has anyone figured out an easy way to place a sloped concrete slab and concrete beam system?
It would be nice if you had the ability to place a flat slab with concrete beams then slope the slab and have the beams follow the slab.....similar to the steel truss command.

Daryl Gregoire said...

A message to the Google humans and the Google Robots > Unlock my blog !

I have started to post Videos on You Tube. Search for 'CADclip'.

Every Monday I send the same stupid reply message to Google after they send me the same stupid automated apology on behalf of the Google Robots for locking down my blog. It's been 9 weeks since REVIT ROCKS has been locked down wothout warning.

I will get back into blogging as I own anyway but with a different 'non-free' provider that is FOR SURE.

In the mean time if anyone is reading this I have started to post Videos on You Tube. Search for 'CADclip'.

Google Blogger sucks !

Anonymous said...
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