Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Accoustic Accordion Door Curtain Family

I just made this basic REVIT Architecture 2d Accordion / Accordian Door Curtain and thought I would share.
Below is an image of the two families that represent a 10' and 20' accordion door panel. The families are generic line based of category 'door'. Use grips to stretch the door end points. You cannot stretch them beyond their intended maximum length.
When you place one of these families in a plan view, make sure you are set to Work Plane base and not Face based. If you see the stop sign icon that means you are attempting 'face based', so you need to check your option bar.
Below are the 2 2d model families.
If there needs to be some tweeks, let me know.
* We could also turn these into 3D families using the exact same back bone but use an extruded solid instead of symbolic lines.


Phyllis Robbins said...

Have you considered creating a detail component illustrating one section of the accordion door and using an array family instead of creating something so easy for a user to "break?" If your goal is accuracy, your detail component could flex (access the flexibility in the host family by nesting the parameters) and the array could be a function of the overall length. One family, infinite flexibility.

Daryl Gregoire said...

Yes, excellent obserbvation. I was wondering if anyone was goint to point that out. DAM ! That approach had occurred to me and I have used nested dynamic arrays with line based families and nested parameters in the past. I would start by letting the user imput the 'maximum potential length' and then divide that up for my dynamic array. Perhaps when I get a little more time. This was the case of a customer who said they had searched hi and low for an accordion door family and could not track one down so I made this.... and for the most part, it works !