Tuesday, May 05, 2009

REVIT Users Unite

I say to all REVIT users "Move to REVIT 2010".
One of the biggest strengths of REVIT has always been 'file compatibility' across consultants. Up to this point it has been a non issue but it's about to show it's ugly (dwg like) face.
If REVIT is actually unstable or impedes productivity to a degree that cannot be recouped, then by all means, stay with 2009.
But to say that you will not move ahead to 2010 on the grounds that the interface is not what you wanted or the features you wanted didn't make this release I say to you "Move to REVIT 2010". To do otherwise is to contribute to the beginning of the end of one of REVIT’s best assets.
If you think the new ribbon is slowing down your productivity try dealing with a different, non-compatible, version of REVIT.
To split up the REVIT masses weakens us as a community. We must band together like '300' and shield ourselves from eminent file compatibility issues !
Join me now and embrace this new 2010 interface !
(even though you cannot rearrange the icons on the quick access toolbar)


idiot savant said...

so basically, as good as the new interface is, your saying they still managed to botch it?

I think AutoDesk should have two extra computers somewhere in their facility. One runs linux with KDE and Gnome, the other is a Mac.

Each programmer and project manager will be required to do at least one days work a month with all three systems.

Daryl Gregoire said...

The new 2010 interface was completely re-designed for the eyes of a 'new user'. Existing users 'clickflow' has been thrown out the window.

Yes the Ribbon needs some tweaks, no doubt, but I am simply saying 'get over it' and use 2010 so we can all continue taking advantage of a single revit file format instead of going down that ugly DWG road of file incompatibility.

In REVIT you cannot do a 'saveas' to an earlier release. NEVER EVER, no matter what. That's my point.

Some people are crashing, in which case you cannot roll it out until the stability is solid.