Monday, May 04, 2009

CADclip - REVIT Walk Through Going up Stairs

I have been meaning to make a quick video on the Walk Through tools for a long time, so here's my latest.
I think it's still best to 'create' the walkthrough in a plan view with other views open. Then you can edit the walkthrough in section. plan, elevation or 3D views.
You can edit the camera view and target but you can also edit the Path and the camera 'height' at key frames, in a 3D view as shown in the video.
You will notice that you get more edit options at the 'key frames' then at the intermittent frames. I also suggest you lower the default '300' frames to around 20,40 60 etc....while editing. Then as a final product or AVI export you can bump the 'frames' back up to 300 or more.
Video TIP:
1. Click the Play button.
2. Then click the 'HD' button,
THEN click the 'Full Screen' button . . . .
Youtube is still working on this feature.

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