Thursday, January 21, 2010

Adding Cost and Currency to REVIT Schedules

Below is a CADclip on adding Currency ($$) and cost to REVIT Material Takeoffs and Schedules.

Most people can create a good material takeoff and or quantity schedule in REVIT and get totals and grand totals. But bridging the gap to costing and the almighty $ sign is tricky.

For many regualr 'schedules' all you have to do is add in a 'cost' as part of the instance or type parameters. But 'material takeoff's' are a little different.

If you create a foundation 'material takeoff' schedule that tells you that you have 1500 cubic feet (CF) of 'cast in place concrete' and you know your cost is $15 / CF then you should be able to formulate that overall cost. But you will run into a road block > error: Inconsistant Units

The problem occurs when you try to use the 'currency' unit (dollar) and the 'volume' unit (CF) together in the same REVIT schedule field formula. You will get an 'Inconsistant Units' error.

The answer is to create an intermitant variable that translates the volume unit to real number units. Then multiply that number by the cost / unit and Bob's your uncle.

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Here's the CADclip.

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mani said...

Can I get in the schedule Multi-Category Material Takeoff beam or column length?? Thanks