Tuesday, January 19, 2010

REVIT Architecture Lab Exercise Videos

Below you will find a series of free CADclip 'Lab Exercises' on how to model and document the drawings for a double car garage. This is a great training aid / resource for anyone who is teaching REVIT or learning to use REVIT (Architecture or Structure).

There are 31 videos included within the single playlist embedded below which walk you through the exercises step by step.
The playlist starts at Lesson 1 and moves on.
Remember, these are 'Lab Exercises' and not a Tutorial. They are best utilized after getting familiar with REVIT. For more detail tutorials visit CADclips.

We start with grid lines and levels, then walls, doors, windows, footings and a roof. Then a sloping slab and notched foundation wall at the overhead door. Then we put the plans, elevations, section on a sheet and annotate them for documentation. We create Schedules and Material Takeoffs that include Totals and Costs.

We also constrain and align the walls, grids, roof and slab to establish a nice neat parametric project. Move a grid line and the entire project updates right down to the sheets, schedules and costs.
Set the Pixel width to '720p' for HD video quality.

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MRV said...

This is a fantastic tutoirial. Not easy to find a good tutorial in combination with an exelent expert who knows how and why it is done.
This tutorial is a total reference for me, from such a simple structure as a double garage i made it posible to draw complex buildings following this great tutorial.