Sunday, August 07, 2011

REVIT Training for iPod iPhone and iPad in MP4 and M4V

CADclips has a virtual REVIT Tutorial / Training APP.

CADclips has started releasing their REVIT Video Training Tutorials in both MP4 and M4V for the iPod, iPhone and iPad !

After all, why not use your hand held Apple Device to Learn REVIT ? We all have one.

Now you can Learn REVIT while sitting on the bus or sitting on the john !

Below is a sample REVIT CADclip Tutorial in MV4 format Zipped up for your iPhone along with basic directions on getting the video onto your iPhone.

 This is the raw video file.

1. Download the zip file above and unzip it somewhere.
2. Plug your iPhone into your computer.
3. Sync the iPhone with iTunes
 4. Note that your iPhone now shows up in iTunes as a Device with different folders below it including 'Movies'.
5. Click into the iPhone 'Movies' folder.
6. Drag and drop the unzipped RAC-2011-SECTION-BUBBLES.M4V video file to the iPhone 'Movies' folder and let it copy.
7. Close iTunes and unplug your iPhone.
8. On your iPhone go to the iPod APP, then Movies and play the CADclip.

The rest is up to you.

If anyone has any suggestions as to a better process just add a comment.

Can anyone suggest a good APP for downloading directly to your iPhone . . . . iDownloads ?

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