Thursday, April 27, 2006

Autodesk Revit survey about 'Unit Plans'

How do you approach the task of creating Unit Plans ? We do this for Condo / Apartment / Hotel layouts. Most architectural drafters have been faced with it. It's a pain to manage and annotate. Unit 'A'... Unit 'Ax'(mirrored) Unit 'B'... Unit 'Bx'(mirrored)... It's been a challenge for anyone trying to get it right and save time....or do you save time : ) It's nice to see Autodesk surveying the people on this topic. Here's the link below. Make sure you add your comments at the end. My comment was 'There's how I do it and how I'd like to do it" Link to Autodesk 'Unit Plans Survey' This post scooped from Steve Stafford's blog. REVIT OpEd


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