Saturday, April 15, 2006

REVIT Structure White Papers

Here's a link to some detail information on REVIT Structure, REVIT Building Systems and BIM in general. (Building Information Modelling). I have been using REVIT Structure and was trained in Boston last year on the product by Autodesk's best. The product was very impressive and very much a structural solution to the CAD world. I am an old Structual CAD guy myself and went in with open eyes as to what people would expect. It's like having SFrame or PFrame built right in with all the normal REVIT ammenities. Outside of the general interoperabilty with REVIT Building etc. it would also create and maintain all the Column Schedules, Beam Schedules, Footing Schedules etc. for both Concrete and Steel. Impressed yet ! For a structural group this is a real breath of fresh air.

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