Sunday, April 23, 2006

Moving wall family types from project to project

Thanks to CADDIGEST for listing this blog post. Jay Polding posted a quick blog on how to move wall styles from project to project using 'Transfer Project Standards'. Importing Wall Styles This can be applied to more than just walls. To add to that I did some testing myself. I verified that you can cut and paste (ctrl+c, ctrl+v) a wall from project to project just like any other application and it will bring in the wall family type. TIP: You have to do this in the editing window because wall families (and text families) do not show up in the families section of the Project Browser. Other family types CAN be cut and pasted from Project to Project from the project browser. (Did you know that?) When pasting, if the wall family name does not exist in the receiving file the wall family is created and the wall is placed when you paste. When pasting, if the wall family name already exists in the receiving file and there is no difference in the wall structure the wall comes in and you are done. When pasting, if the wall family name already exists but the structure of the wall is different the file that is being inserted into will govern. You will see a warning. TIP: I also discovered that if you have more than one session of REVIT open that each REVIT session has it's own independent clipboard. That might explain a few anomalies I have stumbled across in the past.

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