Friday, April 21, 2006

Suggest a REVIT Building Tutorial Topic

FYI - I am always open for suggestions on REVIT Building tutorial topics for this blog. Use the Comments link below or email me to place your suggestion. I cannot promise any advanced family tutorials etc. right away but I will do what I can or perhaps refer to you some other resource.


Daryl said...

Robert C. Fortier - Home Inspector suggests a Tutorial on 'Dutch Gable Roofs'.

Ken said...

Hi Daryl, would it be possible to post a tutorial on some of Revit's parametric values and formulae that can be contained in a family? Or how to link one family object so that it reacts to another, e.g. making a truss with diagonals based on parameters? Thanks for your time and nice work on the Revit blog!

uderhood said...

Looks nice! Awesome content. Good job guys.

LenmeisterB said...

I have a project that I need to design a barrel vault ceiling that connects to a dome ceiling. How many diffenet way can this be accomplished in Revit and what are the advantages and disadvantage. lennie - phone 1-314-434-8898

James said...

Hi Daryl, would it be possible if you could perform a tutorial on how to create toposurfaces, such as grass, dirt, mountain sides, hills, or even water if it is possible to do so. Do you think you can help me when you get the chance?