Wednesday, May 26, 2010

REVIT 3D Section Views

Now offers Full REVIT Video Downloads for only $89

I like to take advantage of ALL of REVITs wonderful benifits . . . . . and here's another.
Watch the CADclip below to see how you can instantly turn a regular section view into a 3d
sectional view.
OH . . . . . did I mention that this also works for plan views as well. By default the 'section box' gets turned on but the visibility has been turned off so you will have to use the 'light bulb' tool to access the section box.
Great for the MEP people with Plenum Spaces.


EoN said...

yay thanks for the vids..... one question.. how do i return to a 3d "normal" view? i cant figure out... and im suck whit my 3d section... lol thanks!

Daryl Gregoire said...

Good question and the answer is not obvious. In the properties dialog bix take the check mark out of 'Section Box'.

Anonymous said...

How do you create a non-cube 3D view? For example, I want to include the same area from floors 1-4, which works with the standard cube. However, I also want to include additional areas on the 1st floor, but not the areas above on floors 2-4. I've tried using a staggered section, but that returns a cube, not the actually section that I've made. Any suggestions. Thanks.

Nathan W. said...

You are awesome...Is there a way to keep 3d section box activated while doing walk through animation? After setting mine up the whole building shows. Is there a hidden button somewhere?