Monday, May 31, 2010

REVIT Leader with No Text

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Ok, this one is for the migrating AutoCAD people.
Even though AutoCAD has had the 'Multi-Leader' for ever' most AutoCAD users still place the text and leader lines seperately in the DWG.
In REVIT I do not believe there is an 'out of the box' way to just place a leader line with no text.
The answer is to create a new 'Generic Annotation' family (wblock) of 'nothing'. That's right an annotaion family of NOTHING.
Then save and load this (blank) family into your project.
Then within the project right click the family in the (PB) > 'Type Properpties...' and assign a 'Leader Arrowhead' style.
Now drag the new leader family into the editing window.
Now (in 2011), on the options bar, when you place the family you will get a choice of how many leader lines you want.
After the fact you can select the family on screen and then Add or Remove leaders to the instance.
You can also edit the 'type properties' (right click in the PB) and 'Duplicate' the family and make variations of that same family but with different arrow head styles.
I just got a comment from someone on the Student Autodesk Facebook site that said this works great for 'slope arrows' in REVIT and I tend to agree.
Here's the CADclip.


spacelogic said...

This is very helpful. How would you go about doing this with a curved leader?

Archi-DT said...

Just saw the video - VERY HELPFUL! But, in the video, you mentioned that you would not recommend doing this instead of regular leader w/ text. I do agree - but, there are instances where you want just a leader and no text (such as showing the direction of an exit sign, the direction of air flow through a vented eave detail or vented ridge detail, etc.) So, it was a very helpful video and a text-less leader is quite common in detailing...

Gabe Flores said...

Instead of this find a Blank Serif font. This will produce a leader with out visible text.

patrick's blog said...

I am using revit mep 2012 and I did the process you showed in your video and when I inserted the leader family I created nothing comes in

Razvan said...

You can just duplicate an existing text type and set its size to 0.1 mm.
As for the text, just typ "." (dot).
That should do the trick and you avoid adding a new family to the Revit DB.