Saturday, May 22, 2010

REVIT has Totally Changed my Deliverable

Now offers Full REVIT Video Downloads for only $89

I need new sun glasses because the BIM shining through is making me quint.
I am just tickled to provide drawings like above to my customers. A 3D view that takes about 4.8 minutes to generate and is worth it's weight in plutonium, on the job site. This is just a plain jane residential foundation. Think about what could be done in a much more complex model. I chose to isolate the concrete but you could isolate what ever you wanted for the needs of that BIM aspect.
Spot Elevations are a structural modeler's 'Fairy God Mother'. Sprinkle a little BIM dust on the model and all the spot elevations update instantly. It's easy to do. 1. Duplicate the {3D} view (or create a new camera view etc) 2. Isolate only the objects you want with the temporary hide / isolate tool. 3. Go back and forth with the light bulb tool until the view shows what you want then Apply to the view.
! DANGER: This next step requires the use of Sunglasses 4. Slap in some 'Spot Elevations'.

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