Tuesday, May 25, 2010

REVIT Reset Level to 3D Extents

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Have you ever been frustrated trying to 'Reset to 3D Extents' for a Level !
I know I have.
Here's the tip:
You cannot 'Reset to 3D Extents' for a level 'while the view is being cropped'.
That's it.
Just (temporarily) 'turn off' the 'cropping' of the view you THEN you can freely 'Reset to 3D Extents' for a Level with a 'right click' or by dragging the level's 2D or 3D grips.
This had frustrated me to no end in the past.
Below is a fresh CADclip demonstrating this concept.
I have since been informed that if all 3D extents of a level line lie 'within' the crop region then you CAN in fact use the 'Reset to 3D extents' tool. When you think you know everything . . . . be afraid : )


Ed Goldberg AIA, NCARB said...


Your videos are excellent

Ed Goldberg AIA, NCARB

José Garcia said...

If the 3D and 2D ends of the Level are inside the Crop area, is possible to choose that option in the menu. Only if some of the ends are outside, is not possible.

Daryl Gregoire said...

AHH ! Thank you Jose. Excellent information.