Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Cool REVIT Presentation Plans

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It's so easy to create a very basic but impressive presentation plan with REVIT.

Here's how to quickly create a plan as shown above.

1. Duplicate a view (without detailing) and rename accordingly.

2. Use 'copy' and 'paste same place' if you need to go back to the original view and get some of the detailing or text.

3. Select an item(s) in the new presentation view and click the light bulb tool (hide in view) and hide the categories and elements that you do not want to see.

4. In the 'type' properties of the Walls that you are using, set the 'Course Scale Fill Pattern' to 'Solid' and the 'Course Scale Fill Color' to 'Black'.

5. Now set the view 'Detail Level' to be 'Course'.

6. Click the 'Shadows' button and turn on Shadows..

7. Open the 'Graphics Display Options' dialog box and darken or lighten the shadows.

8. In the Graphics Display Options' dialog box click the 'Sun Settings' button and adjust the 'Altitude'. Click 'Apply' and play with these setings and use the apply button to see how your doing.

Bob's you're Uncle !

CADclips REVIT Videos Here

Maybe save a 'view template' from here and apply that to other views. You still may have to hide some random elements per view.

This works pretty much the same way for plans, elevations or 3d views.

REVIT 2012 has also added Ambient Shadows and Lighting to further enhance the effect.

This project below is still under way but you can get the idea.


bullsnbears1 said...

I like this!

I tried it but I'm only getting exterior shadows. I'm in Revit 2011 - any idea what I'm doing wrong?

bullsnbears1 said...

^^^Daryl I figured it out. You must have an interior floor for the shadows to project off of. Duh!

Thanks for the tip!