Monday, July 18, 2011

REVIT 2012 View Control Bar

Above is the 2011 Visual Style button.
2012 has removed the 'Shaded' option (that no one ever used anyway).

With the Release of REVIT 2012 we see some modifications to REVIT's 'View Control Bar'. Outside playing musical chairs with the 'Grapic Diplay Options' I like it. 
This post describes some of those changes.

Above is the 2012 Visual Styles button where 'Shaded with Edges" has become 'Shaded'. Then we also see that the 'Graphics Display Options' dialog box has been added here.

Above we see that 2012 has also moved the 'Graphics Display Options' to the View's Properties (where it should be).
Above we see the 2011 'Shadows' button.
Now it's just a toggle On / Off and the 'Graphics Display Options' has been relocated to two other locations described in this post.
Above we see the 2012 Shadows Toggle. On or Off. Thank you !
Above we see the new, awesome 2012 Lock 3D view option for annotation purposes.
If you are in the default {3D} view it will prompt you to duplicate the view.
Last we have the wonderful 2012 WorkSharing Display and settings !

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