Saturday, July 16, 2011

REVIT and ICF and IntegraSpec

This wall system has REVIT Architecture, Structure and more importantly REVIT MEP written all over it !!

REVIT Generated, Carbon Footprint Data.

I have started using ICF (Insulated Concrete Forms) for more than just foundations. This wall system is fantastic for the entire building envelope. It also works well with the Hambro Floor and Roof system.

IntegraSpec® (pronounced >  integra . . . spec) is an innovative building system that builds stronger, safer, quieter, energy efficient and environmentally friendlier homes and structures.

IntegraSpec® is “The User Friendly ICF” TM is produced in Canada, USA and also 2 plants in Europe.

Their unique and patented design makes it the easiest and most versatile Insulated Concrete Wall System on the market today.

I should be offering a few ICF / REVIT tips over the coming months.

Below are some more images and details.

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Ericg said...

This is great information, thank you for the share. I was woundering how this system was actually working.