Thursday, July 27, 2006

Importing Topo points into REVIT

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 Importing Survey points into REVIT 8.1 /9 to create a Topo is easy

The hard part is getting a nice clean points file ready. Below is a sample surface and coorisponding *.csv points file that works. 

You can also have negative numbers in the data.

Surveyors can give you a 'Points' file. This file needs to be *.xls, *.csv or *.txt . I prefer *.csv. If you can actually specify the catagory of points you want, even better. 

A general points file can have alot of different shots taken. Perhaps all you want is top of grade and not all the rest. All we want in our points file is 3 columns with data only. No column headers, no point descriptions and no point numbers. 
All we want is the X Y Z points in 3 neat little columns. I should point out that REVIT help says any columns after the third column will be ignored but I find the process works best WITHOUT the 4th 'Description' column. 

 A surveyors point file will usually have two extra columns that we need to delete (once we figure out which is what that is). One extra column for the point number and one for the point description or catagory. However you cleanup or cut and paste the data together you can use an EXCEL *.cvs file or you can use a comma delimited *.txt file. 

Go to the Site Plan view. Then on the Site design tab, click Toposurface > Use Imported > Points file > Check the file type in the dialog box and specify *.csv or comma delimited *.txt > browse to your applicable file > specify the units type > finish sketch

 Then click the new surface, click Edit and then click a point and note the 'Z' elevation value. 

Sample comma delimited *.txt file

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Lots of REVIT information

Well as many of you may already know Taylor Technologies and Imaginit Technologies have merged in the reseller market. Taylor has always had a great site for resources. I was looking for a little info. and thought there may be others interested in their REVIT 9 page.

Subbed out

Well I've had to sub out and have been busy with moving into a new house, teaching a couple AUGI ATP classes and just lately a brand new baby girl. Hopefully I'll get back to regular postings. Say Hi to Little Ivy!