Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Autodesk Acquires REVIT Technologies

I started using REVIT shortly after it was acquired by Autodesk which was April 2, 2002.

Hard to believe it's been ten years.

Where did the time go?

I open AutoCAD 2013 now and I hardly know what I am looking at.
I think I have forgotten more about AutoCAD than most people know.

I also assumed that everyone was on REVIT Subscription and running the latest release of REVIT or at worst one version back but after networking with my BIM / CAD manager buddies at the Calgary REVIT User Group I discovered that is no where true.

It seems that many consultants are still using REVIT all the way back to version 2009 !!
Go figure.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Tons of REVIT Jobs In Calgary Alberta

I receive email notifications on job postings from 'Indeed' and 'Jobrapido'
with keywords 'REVIT' and 'Calgary'.

The notifications are POURING in every day. 10-12 at a time. Juniors, Seniors and Managers.

Finally . . . . it's about time !

If you are CAD Draftsman in Architecture, Structure or MEP you'd better get up to speed.

AutoCAD skills are becoming less and less valuable.
It's no longer about Layers and Xref's it's about Levels and Categories.

 This time next year you'll be filed away with the pencil drafting group and the Leroy lettering sets.

The students coming out of College are REVIT trained.
You've been warned : )

If your company is not going to train you in REVIT I suggest you invest in CADclips because they may just hire someone who has.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Live One on One REVIT Training in Calgary

Daryl Gregoire is now offering
Live One on One REVIT Training
in Calgary Alberta, Canada.

Learn REVIT software from the Best of the Best
and launch your career into the BIM world of employment.

Don't delay !

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

REVIT 2013 Sky Background

New REVIT 2013 Sky Background.

I like the new Sky option in REVIT 2013. When you first turn it not you may not see anything until you have the Sky (above horizon line / Level 1) in your view. You need to be looking 'Up' to see the sky.

The resulting sky is impacted by the Sun settings for Azimuth and Altitude. So the higher the sun is in the sky the lighter the sky will be. Give at a whirl.

This effect is located in the view's 'Graphic Display Option' dialog box as a view property. You can also set the color of the space below the horizon line (shown in Green). Why not take the extra step and save the View Template. Keep in mind that the view templates now update the views instantly like everything else in REVIT. HUGE !

The Sky functionality is available in Elevation, Section, Isometric, and Perspective 3D views. Also the background options are available in Hidden Line, Shaded, Consistent Colors and Realistic visual styles.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

REVIT 2013 Stair Components

Above is an image of two of the new REVIT 2013 Stair Components.
Can YOU spot the problem ? This is hilarious.
There is a property to set the Parallel Treads at Start and End of the stair but that still doesn't fix it.
I must be missing something ?

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