Monday, May 28, 2012

REVIT Workset Linking Tip

I am working with a guy who has inherited a poorly organized, massive airport REVIT project full of links.

Can you say "Ouch"

Oh man, what a friggen mess. Migraine material in fact, but we must trudge on and persevere : )

Worksets had been enabled already so the first thing we did was create a new workset for each link.
Then we put each link on it's corresponding workset by selecting the link and changing the 'instance' Workset property.
This is good common practice.

That seemed to be doing ok because we could now utilize those new worksets to control the links but for some VERY STRANGE reason all the links were still being globally controlled by a separate workset that existed when the project was inherited.

So how can a link be controlled by two separate worksets ??
Makes no sense . . . . .

Here's the workset tip of the year.

The links have both an 'Instance' and a 'Type' workset property !!
The Type property was set to that pre-exisitng workset.
So now we changed both the instance and type workset property and we have gained full control of the links via worksets.

The reason there are both an instance and a type workset property has something to do with placing multiple copies of the same link in the file but in our case that is not the case.

PROBLEM SOLVED . . . . . time for a coffee : )

Great minds are created by NEVER giving up, when others do.