Thursday, December 20, 2012

Daryl and his Hero !

I was tickled to Cross Paths with my hero 'Eric Braeden' from Y & R (aka Victor Newman). The cute waitress at the airport bar let out a squeel, I grabbed my iPhone and seized the moment !

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Save REVIT Screen Space

CADclips Announces New $39 and $99 REVIT Video Training Tutorial Subscriptions

Use 'Show Panel Titles' to save vertical screen space in REVIT by right clicking a Ribbon Tab, then the Show Panel Titles toggle.

Little as it may be, it's there to be used and .... IIIIIIIIIIIII use it.

REVIT Halftone Tip for Sketch Mode

CADclips Announces New $19, $39 and $99 REVIT Video Training Tutorial Subscription

The 'Halftone' setting controls how bright or faint the existing linework displays when you go into 'Sketch' mode in REVIT. You can find the 'Halftone' setting under the 'Manage' tab on the ribbon.
I definitely do recall being annoyed in the past when you go into sketch mode and you have the pink / magenta lines and the rest of the model all but disappears.
I believe it may also depend on your monitor, resolution, video card and display settings. By default it usually works ok so this is why most people never come across the problem.

But when you do . . . . . . it sure is annoying.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

REVIT Training Video Using Detail Lines and Custom Line Style

CADclips Announces New $19, $39 and $99 REVIT Video Training Tutorial Subscription

Above is a nice little REVIT 2013 Training Video on using Detail Lines with a Custom Line Style to draw the dashed line representing a shelf for a closet.

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

REVIT Unable to Write to XX it is Read Only or Opened by Someone Else

CADclips Announces New $19, $39 and $99 REVIT Video Training Tutorial Subscription

I see this same REVIT error a few times a week with different users when trying to 'Synchronize with Central'.

So, in REVIT you are able to 'Create New Local' file BUT then when you try to sinc you get the error above.

My hard earned (head banging) experience has uncovered that this is almost always caused because the User does not have 'Editable' rights to the folder the file is saved in.

Do yourself a big favour and make sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the user has 'Editable' rights to the folder.

Do this first and foremost before you bother wasting your time trouble shooting any other potential causes.

This should be the number 1 item to check on before doing anything else.

Don't 'assume' anything. Make sure the IT people actually visually varify this, (preferably with you by their side).