Wednesday, September 19, 2007

REVIT Architecture 2008 Curtain Systems Video

Watch the video above and learn how to draw this Solarium in about 8 minutes.

REVIT Curtain Systems and Curtain Walls are really easy to model.

You can draw Curtain Walls just like any other wall and you can model Curtain Systems by using existing model edges, faces or linework.

In the video demonstration above I use a few model lines placed at two different levels to quickly construct the solarium you see above.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

RST 2008 Coping Steel Intersections

Thanks to for posting this tutorial on their site.

REVIT Structure 2008 'Coping' Video Tutorial.

(in the video above I say REVIT 'Architecture' which is incorrect. It is 'Structure'.)
There are a couple new buttons that showed up in REVIT Structure 2008 for 'Coping'.

That is 'coping' not 'copying'........right.

Coping is fun. Coping is easy. Coping simply rocks!

View the video above to see how the REVIT developers have made another cool 3D modeling feature one step easier to use.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

REVIT MEP 2008 - Lets get it on !

Thanks to for posting this REVIT MEP 2008 Overview on their site.

REVIT MEP 2008 in action
Well I am starting to ease my way into REVIT MEP. Yeah !

What's not to like about a full 3d solution for Architecture, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing. All with discipline specific models talking to each other, sharing data and interfacing in the same way. Yes, yes, I think I like this BIM approach.

I have to say, it's a different point of view from the MEP side of the 'monitor' (no pun intended).

There's a little more regard for the files you are receiving and the format in which they arrive on your door step. Hopefully you can get a REVIT Architecture model with all the walls and 'Rooms' positioned accordingly.
REVIT 'rooms' are initially created by the architect and then utilized by the MEP people. Then the MEP people start their own new project file and link in the architectural model. Using the Copy / Monitor tools the MEP people can create a local copy of the 'rooms' and design away in full 3D , all while monitoring the changes from the original architectural model.

You choose to view the architectural model as you please and where you please. You can even host local MEP components (fixtures) on linked model objects such as walls, ceilings and floors. But there is an issue that autodesk has to on....

One current issue with REVIT MEP seems to be with regards to 'surface hosted' vs 'object hosted' families. REVIT MEP components such as electrical and lighting fixtures are created (out of the box) as 'wall hosted','ceiling hosted', 'floor hosted' etc.
This works great until the linked architectural wall, ceiling or floor goes missing or is non orthagonally altered. Then all your fixtures go missing as well.
If / when the MEP components or fixtures are 'surface hosted' they do not dissappear when the linked wall or room goes missing.
The problem is most REVIT MEP components 'out of the box' are NOT surface hosted families they are object hosted.

Do you want all your fixtures to dissappear if the architects wall or ceiling dissappears? Maybe or maybe not. I'd say leave it up to me as to what I want to do with orphaned fixtures.

Now, do we start to convert all the 'object hosted' components to 'surface hosted' components or do we wait for autodesk to solve this fundamental problem? I would say just convert the components we use the most and wait to see.

Below are some Autodesk produced videos giving an overview of a few REVIT MEP topics.

(My apologies for the dead autodesk links below. I will get them resolved)

Electrical Overview Videos

Electrical Lighting and Power Circuitry

Electrical Lighting Calculations

Electrical Power Load Balancing, Wire Sizing and Panel Schedules

Electrical Wire Tags and Lighting Switch Topology

Fire Protection Overview Videos

Fire Protection Sprinkler Placement

Heating and Cooling Overview Videos

Heating and Cooling Load Analysis

Mechanical Overview Videos

Mechanical Design Criteria

Mechanical Duct Sizing and Inspection

Mechanical System and Duct Layout

Plumbing Overview Video

Plumbing System Layout

REVIT Structure 2008 Videos by Autodesk

Below are some general tutorial videos for REVIT Structure 2008
provided by Autodesk.
(sorry the videos below are temporarily out of order, please chech back later)

Thursday, September 06, 2007

REVIT Keyboard Shortcut Commands

Thanks to for posting this CADclip on their site.

Above is a great silent video explaining how to create keyboard shortcut commands in all REVIT based products.

Because REVIT does not have a 'command line' or at least one that we can see, Keyboard Shortcuts are a quick way to access the existing Pull Down menu commands.

Have you ever noticed that to the right of some pull down menu commands are two (shortcut) keys that you can type instead of going through the pull down menus.

You do not have to hit enter with REVIT just the 2 characters.

It is user customizable by editing
the KeyboardShortcuts . txt file.