Saturday, October 04, 2008

Free REVIT Video Tutorial Series on Custom Family Creation

Hot off the press !
I thought I would share my latest free video tutorial series with the world. I just put together a sweet REVIT Training Video series that I'm sure most of you will find of value. This is great for all levels of REVIT users who want to learn some cool things about making families. In the videos I create an architectural beam (using the linear model template) with some abutments (for lack of better word). The lessons learned over the course of these 7 videos should get the wheels turning. Then those lessons can be used to further develop your own custom REVIT family ideas. This is a well organized, step by step process that will (hopefully) get you on the right track in making your own exciting new REVIT families. Here's what you will learn about: - The linear model family and associated template - View Range - Parameters and parameter types - Reference Planes - Dimensions to parameters - Solid extrusions - Sketching - Work Planes - Aligning, locking and constraining the solid geometry - Flexing the model in the family editor and in the project - Using the very cool Yes / No parameter to control individual family geometry visibility - Integrating Model Lines with your solid geometry - Using the Linework tool to get sneaky and fine tune the family within the project - Mental Ray Materials - Rendering - Adjusting the rendered image - Saving and exporting the Rendered image. . . . lots more, but let's get at it . . . . Click the link to play the video or right click and 'save target as . .' to download. Enjoy ! Lesson 1: The Completed Beam Family Introduction Lesson 2: Parameters and Reference Planes Lesson 3: Modeling the Main Beam and Flex Lesson 4: Modeling the Abutments and Flex Lesson 5: Using Yes / No Parameters to Control Object Visibility Lesson 6: Use Model Lines and the Linework Tools Lesson 7: Mental Ray Materials and Rendering