Wednesday, November 12, 2008

HOK chooses CADclips Training Videos

I happen to know first hand that after certain research and testing Autodesk REVIT Award Winning HOK has chosen CADclips Training Videos to be part of their training repetoir(e) . I say, it goes to show that 'knowledge transfer' methods are definitely changing 'for the better' and HOK is using CADclips training videos as part of that new initiative. Can you imagine trying to keep 1000's of people trained and productive during this transfer to REVIT and BIM ? There WAS no affordable way to get everyone trained and then keep them all trained. CADclips has not only bridged that gap they have 'removed the gap'.

REVIT Blog in Argentina

REVIT Argentina 'Primer blog Argentino acerca de Revit Architecture'
Above is a link to my friend Leonardo Aita's REVIT Blog in Argentna.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Free REVIT Video Tutorial Series on Custom Family Creation

Hot off the press !
I thought I would share my latest free video tutorial series with the world. I just put together a sweet REVIT Training Video series that I'm sure most of you will find of value. This is great for all levels of REVIT users who want to learn some cool things about making families. In the videos I create an architectural beam (using the linear model template) with some abutments (for lack of better word). The lessons learned over the course of these 7 videos should get the wheels turning. Then those lessons can be used to further develop your own custom REVIT family ideas. This is a well organized, step by step process that will (hopefully) get you on the right track in making your own exciting new REVIT families. Here's what you will learn about: - The linear model family and associated template - View Range - Parameters and parameter types - Reference Planes - Dimensions to parameters - Solid extrusions - Sketching - Work Planes - Aligning, locking and constraining the solid geometry - Flexing the model in the family editor and in the project - Using the very cool Yes / No parameter to control individual family geometry visibility - Integrating Model Lines with your solid geometry - Using the Linework tool to get sneaky and fine tune the family within the project - Mental Ray Materials - Rendering - Adjusting the rendered image - Saving and exporting the Rendered image. . . . lots more, but let's get at it . . . . Click the link to play the video or right click and 'save target as . .' to download. Enjoy ! Lesson 1: The Completed Beam Family Introduction Lesson 2: Parameters and Reference Planes Lesson 3: Modeling the Main Beam and Flex Lesson 4: Modeling the Abutments and Flex Lesson 5: Using Yes / No Parameters to Control Object Visibility Lesson 6: Use Model Lines and the Linework Tools Lesson 7: Mental Ray Materials and Rendering

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

REVIT Video - Yes No Parameter to Control Visibility

Did you know you can easily turn On and Off individual sub components of a REVIT family ?
It's simple to do and you don't have to have any experience making families.
You can do this to any family regardless of who made the family or how complex it is.
This functionality can be applied to REVIT Architecture, Structure or MEP.
1. Open the Family in the family editor.
2. Create a new parameter and make it a Yes / No type.
3. Assign that parameter to the Visibility property of the desired family sub component.
4. Save the family and place it in a project.
5. Select the family and change the new Visibility property parameter to Yes or No.
Here's a quick Video below that sums it all up in about 5 minutes.
A special THANKS to CadDigest for posting this tutorial on their site.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

REVIT House Modeled in 10 Minutes

Did you ever think you could model a complete house in 10 minutes? Well you can, and I did.

The image above is just an animated GIF. Feel free to 'right click' it and 'save picture as. .' to download the file.

You can view the full video below or download it from here > REVIT 10 Minute House

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

REVIT Align Tool Using 3D Surfaces

This Align tip is nothing new but I do come across users who are not aware of this so I thought I'd post a quick tip.
Did you know that you can use the Align tool and select 3d surfaces as the controlling edge and receiving edge of the alignment while in a 3d view as shown below.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My blog is unlocked after 5 months of lockdown.

Well it took just under 5 months to unlock my blog. Wow ! Thanks google. . . not. I had to send an email to google religiously every week for 19 weeks or this blog would have been erased for ever ! I was getting really tired of seeing that Pantheon posting. Ok well, I guess I can get back on track with more REVIT educational information. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pantheon Model included with REVIT MEP

There is a nice model file provided in the 'common' folder of the REVIT Training folders of REVIT. I created a quick animantion below depicting all the basic parts.

Autodesk Acquires Robobat !

Thank you Autodesk !

Jan 15, 08 - Autodesk, Inc. today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Robobat for approximately $42.5 million.

Read all about it Autodesk Acquires Robobat !

This is VERY good news for all us REVITeers and specifically the Structural types.

For those of you who are not already aware, Robobat currently makes a Structural Analysis extension for 'REVIT Structure'. Only now they will be working from the inside with all the Autodesk resources.
The RST models just got new legs.

Thanks Autodesk !

Here's the good news.

"Effective on, 14/01/2008, Autodesk will be simplifying accessibility and offering greater value to customers using Revit Structure by providing all Extensions for Revit, both fee and free, through the Autodesk Subscription Program.

In addition to having access to all previously fee based extensions for free in one repository, Revit Structure customers will also be delighted with new functionalities in current Extensions, new Extensions and much more.

Monday, January 14, 2008

CADclip - REVIT 2008 Color Fill Schemes Theory

The image above (click for larger view) depicts the suggested steps involved in understanding how REVIT Color Fill Schemes and Legends work.

Play the video below for a very informative 10 minute REVIT 2008 MEP CADclip video tutorial on the 'Theory' behind using Color Fill Schemes.

Although REVIT MEP is being utilized in this video tutorial, this same 'theory' can also be applied to both REVIT Structure or REVIT Architecture.

Monday, January 07, 2008

REVIT Implementation Tips

Below is a video slide show describing a few tips and guidelines
when implementing your REVIT product(s).
Click the 'Play > ' button above.
To summarize the slide show above you need to:
1. Mark up a set of exiting plans with color coded pens
2. Compare it to what Autodesk supplies
3. Build or Seek out the missing content and symbology
4. Put it all in your Template file(s)
5. Start a simple (as possible) Pilot Project
6. Maintain the Template file(s)