Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I need a Shadow Study Report !

Since posting the Animated Shadow Study training below I have been asked a couple times if I can do a Shadow Study or Sun Study for someone. The answer is of course YES ! I'll need some information and the level of detail require but by all means get in touch. Shadow Study Info

Monday, January 08, 2007

REVIT Animated Shadow Study CADclip

Thanks to for posting this CADclip on their site.
Do you need a shadow study done ? Please get in touch. Shadow Study Info
Below are two CADclips demonstrating REVIT's new Shadow Study features.
And Guess what..........it's fast and it's really easy !
The first CADclip is the finished product and the second CADclip explains how to setup and create the Shadow Study. Shadow Studies provide an accurate animated 3 dimensional depiction of the Sun's effect on a set of objects in the real world. You can set the time, date, place and duration of the Shadow Study.
1. First we setup our true north / project north. (bonus lesson) 2. Then we pick a location (Melbourne AU, becasue I like Aussies). 3. Then we set a date in time and ask for a Sunrise to Sunset animation. That's it you're DONE ! 4. Lastly we export the animation to an AVI file.
Click a link below to play the video or right click and 'Save Target As..' to download. Here's the animation I made. (30 sec) (note the date and time) Melbourne Australia Shadow Study Here's how to do it. (13 min.) REVIT 9 Shadow Study

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

As soon as Humanly Possible Please ?

This posting is more of a rant than anything else so I'll keep it short and cute. More and more these days I am being approached by small companies that are in a panic situation to complete a project in REVIT and then learn REVIT at the same time. This because for what ever reason they are not trained or prepared to do the work. The key word here is 'Panic'. The answer is in the training as you would know, and the time is not on the door step of a project. Companies need to look down the road, plan ahead and get properly trained before the 'panic' sets in. I see the days slipping away when you could count on 'parachuting' in last minute 'cleanup' help. The world is'a changing and good REVIT users are in high demand. Plus REVITeers are cooler than most and have busy lives. Just a wee rant and perhaps plant a few training seeds out there somewhere.