Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

REVIT Tip Cannot Rename Level Name Entered is in Use

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I run into all kinds of wonderful REVIT problems in my day to day teaching.

Here's a great tip for REVIT users new and old. 

The first time you attempt to rename a Level or associated, non duplicated Floor Plan or Ceiling Plan, REVIT will prompt you to rename the corresponding Level and Views. . . . . depending on which one you are renaming.

You can reply Yes or No to the 'Would you like to rename. . . . " question.

Here is the message when renaming a Level for the first time.

Here is the Message when you rename a Floor Plan or Ceiling Plan.

Take note of the slight variation.

As long as you answer 'Yes' to either message above REVIT will rename the views and the level and keep them synchronized. The problem starts when you click the 'No' button and then decide you would rather have them synchronized.

When you say 'No' you have Separated the naming of the Ceiling Plan, Floor plan and Level altogether. If you want to go back to being synchronized follow the 5 steps below. (* Duplicated Views do not come into play. They always stay independently named.)

Once separated you may attempt to get them all synchronized back again but you may get this aggravating message and cannot solve the problem:
"The name entered is already in use. Enter a unique name."

If Expand this message says:

You can however re-synchronize them but you must follow these steps in this order.

1. Decide on a name you want the Views and Level to use. ie: Level 1

2. Rename both the Floor Plan and Ceiling Plan something other than Level 1and nothing already in use.
(Right click the view in the project browser)
This is a temporary.

3. Rename the Level to be > Level 1
(click the level name in a section or elevation view)

4. Rename the Floor Plan and Ceiling Plan > Level 1

5. They are now re-synchronized. Try renaming either the Floor Plan, Ceiling Plan or Level and you will get the 'renaming' message again and this time you can say 'Yes'

Now you are back on track ! 

Quite often the culperate is the Ceiling Plan. Don't forget about the Ceiling Plan.

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